Spearfishing Safari

Experience the thrill of diving in top-notch locations and micro-positions, where you are guaranteed to encounter an array of mesmerizing fish. Our experts carefully select dive locations that match your style, fitness level, and the current season and weather conditions. Dive with us and create unforgettable spearfishing safari memories in Croatia that will last a lifetime!

Spearfishing Safari in Croatia - Zadar Archipelago

Feel Adriatic Nature, among other services, offers more experienced individuals who wish to experience spearfishing in the beautiful and diverse waters of the Zadar islands in the company of the experienced spearfisher and spearfishing coach, Danijel Babin.

He has extensive knowledge of the terrain that provides the right conditions for various underwater spearfishing techniques, such as shallow stalking, hole/cave spearfishing, and deep ambush, resulting in a diverse range of catches of various first-class fish.

Depending on the size of the group, the spearfishing safari is conducted with a 6-meter or 8-meter speed boat. The only equipment you need to have is your diving suit, and for the rest of the spearfishing equipment, you can ask us for details. Sufficient experience is required, and the spearfishing safari is not recommended for beginners. A fishing license, obtainable online, is necessary.

There is an option for private accommodation and transportation to the speed boat. The maximum number of divers is 4. Bringing fruits, dried fruits, water, juice, a towel, a windbreaker, and a hat is recommended.

Diving takes place at top-notch locations and micro-positions where encounters with fish are very likely. Locations are chosen based on the individual diver’s style and, of course, their fitness level and the season and weather conditions.

duration and Price Details

Consulting (regarding equpiment, spearfishing locations etc.)

Duration of the Spearfishing Tour:
4 to 8 hours

The price is per person:

150 Euro