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Speed Boat Taxi Zadar

The company has a fleet of modern, well-maintained vessels offering comfortable and reliable transportation solutions. Travellers can enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea without any hassle. Whether you are a solo traveller seeking solitude on Sakarun Beach or a family looking for an unforgettable island hopping experience, this taxi boat service caters to every visitor’s diverse needs and desires.

In recent years, Zadar has become increasingly popular among tourists, attracting visitors from around the globe. Recognizing the growing demand for convenient and efficient transportation to the region’s natural wonders, a forward-thinking company established a taxi boat service that seamlessly connects Zadar to Saharun Beach and the surrounding islands.


Years of experience
With years of experience navigating the crystal-clear waters of the Dalmatian coastline, Feel Adriatic Nature Taxi Boat service ensures safe, reliable, and efficient transfers for locals and tourists alike. Whether you want to explore nearby islands, reach secluded beaches, or get from Point A to Point B, our skilled skipper and well-maintained speed boats provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey.
Flexible pricing
Taxi Boat Zadar uses flexible pricing to adjust fares based on demand, time of day, and seasonality. Dynamic pricing strategies are implemented during peak tourist times, while discounts and promotions are offered during off-peak hours. Customized pricing options are also available for frequent travellers, groups, and special events. This approach keeps the company competitive and provides affordable transportation along the Adriatic coast.
Fast & effective boat transfers
Experience quick and hassle-free boat transfers that will get you to your destination in no time.
Modern Boats
Our company offers top-of-the-line speed boats that provide an exhilarating experience of gliding across the waters while enjoying the breathtaking views.

What sets this taxi boat service apart is its unparalleled convenience. Departures are frequent, ensuring visitors can plan their day according to their preferences. So whether you wish to spend a few hours on Saharun Beach or embark on an island-hopping adventure, the taxi boat service accommodates your schedule. The vessels are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers. In addition, the friendly and knowledgeable crew is always ready to assist, providing insights into the region’s highlights, answering questions, and ensuring your safety throughout the trip.

Popular Taxi Boat Destination Routes

  1. Taxi Boat transfer from Zadar port to Preko, Island Ugljan
  2. Taxi Boat transfer from Zadar port to Božava, Island Dugi Otok
  3. Taxi Boat transfer from Zadar port to Sali, Island Ugljan
  4. Taxi Boat transfer from Zadar port to Beach sakarun, Island Dugi Otok

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