Danijel Babin

Free Diving Coach, Spearfishing Coach, Tour Guide

He was born and raised in Zadar. His father worked as a sailor, so he spent most of his childhood with his two grandfathers. One of them would take him swimming every summer, where he enjoyed collecting shells and catching crabs while diving with his grandfather. The other grandfather sailed a 7-meter pasara, a traditional Dalmatian wooden boat, and they would fish with a rod. This experience ignited his passion for the sea, diving, fishing, and boats at a very young age. As a teenager, he began spearfishing with his uncle and father, which quickly became his passion. After completing elementary school in Zadar, he enrolled in a visual arts high school in Split, specializing in graphic design.

Following his military service, he started working as a graphic designer, holding positions in several companies in Zadar. In 2002, he went to Marseille for a year, where he worked on repairs of wooden and plastic boats. During weekends, he sailed in regattas with his cousin, with whom he lived. In Marseille, the idea for a business involving boats and tourist excursions was born, along with a strong desire to create a wooden underwater gun.

Upon returning from Marseille, he joined Vector SAS, a company manufacturing motorboats and sailboats, focusing on crafting wooden interiors. Simultaneously, at home, he worked on the initial models of wooden underwater guns, among the first in Croatia. Soon, Legolas guns gained significant recognition in Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro, leading Danijel back to his greatest passion – spearfishing. He began diving more frequently, achieving good results in local competitions, which qualified him for national contests. In his early 30s, his childhood dream became a reality, and his life became intricately tied to the sea, spearfishing, and underwater guns.

In the meantime, he established numerous connections within the spearfishing and freediving community, completing several apnea courses.

In 2018, he enrolled in a coaching school for underwater fishing at the Faculty of Education in Zagreb, becoming a coach in 2019, part of the first generation of coaches. The same year, he joined the VSR company in Črni Kal, Slovenia, contributing to the development, design, and, to a large extent, the production of inflatable boats for his future business. In 2020, he launched his company, FeeladriaticNature, and within the first year of operation, he became recognized as a top-notch spearfishing coach, attracting many students to his school.

Alongside spearfishing and freediving courses, he developed boat tours for tourists, offering a unique and personal approach and introducing guests to the beauty of the Adriatic, its history, and the region’s culture.